JWM Services
JWM Services
JWM Services is information technology management and support provided by Joseph W. Manzetti for the Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding area. I use over two decades of professional experience to help individuals and businesses manage their information technology to keep their systems and businesses run

Residential Services

Proactive Maintenance

Like most machines, a computer system will stay healthy as long as the basic maintenance is provided.  JWM Services can ensure your system gets the patching and updates it needs.



The biggest threat to a home system is intentional.  Viruses and malware designed to compromise your computers and your data are an ever-evolving threat.  JWM Services provides protection for your home systems.



Many people do not have anything to save their data should the worst happen to their computers.  JWM Services can save your data so that you won't lose it.



Even with all the care in the world, things still break.  Decades of experience has taught us that the best support is not placing a bandage over a symptom, but to correct the underlying cause.  When things do break, JWM Services will get things back and operational as quickly as possible.