JWM Services
JWM Services
JWM Services is information technology management and support provided by Joseph W. Manzetti for the Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding area. I use over two decades of professional experience to help individuals and businesses manage their information technology to keep their systems and businesses run

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Information Technology Management

You shouldn't have to work hard to use your technology, that is why we have technology.

Each business has a different information technology infrastructure.  Regardless of what that is, when it is not running efficiently, it becomes more of a liability than an asset.  Your systems should make your day easier, not harder.  To make sure it does that, it needs maintenance and updating, like any machine.  That is where JWM Services can help.

JWM Services will monitor your information technology to make sure it is working, and proactively maintain it to make sure it keeps working.  The specific needs of the organization can change subtly from one day to the next as existing systems are replaced and new opportunities and features become available.  The information technology management will need to be aware of not only what is available, but how to apply it to the way you work so it doesn't become more of a hassle than an aide.

  • Do you have a collection of computers that you want to keep operational, virus free, and fast? I can help.
  • Do you have large amounts of data that you would like people across the country to be able to read, but don't want the wrong people to read?  I can help.
  • Do you want to sit down at your computer and turn it on and be able to begin working without needing to learn a new language?  I can help.

If you would like to discuss your business and how JWM Services can help it work more effeciently, please contact me.


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Network Design

Network Setup

Network Audits & Evaluation

HIPAA Compliance Consulting

Project Management

Virtual Environment Design

Virtual Environment Setup

Virtualization of existing systems

Cloud Environment Maintenance

Enterprise Email Solutions (Office 365 and Google Apps)

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Security Configuration

Patch and Update Management

Data Center and Collocation

Mobile Device Management