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About JWM

JWM Services is information technology management and support provided by Joseph W. Manzetti.  Joseph grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, in Wexford and the north hills of the city.  Current residing in the southernmost edge of Ross Township, he lives with his wife and their three daughters.

Before he had finished high school, he had began his career at Northland Public Library in their computer resource center, helping the unemployed to build resumes and teaching senior citizens how to use Microsoft Word and Excel.  He also helped introduce the first Windows 95 computer and internet connectivity to the computer center.  He later spent nearly a decade working nights in UPS's help desk.   Later, he found he was able to really indulge his passion for technology when he began working on cutting edge technologies for the small managed service provider Nexstara.  Years later, Joseph still enjoys being able to combine the latest technologies with the ability to help others, often signing off from working on a commercial system only to go home and get onto his laptop to continue working on his own systems. 

While he has unrelated interests, such as his red sash in Pentjak Silat Poekoelan Tjimande Batin and geocaching, he is mostly a typical geek.  When you manage to get him to talk about something not technology related, it will probably be comic books, sci-fi, or the latest sci-fi/comic book movie.